Motorino Diavolo

About Us

We are Christian and Franziska Muehlbauer from the IB-Ideenbau Gmbh. Founded in 2004, our company specializes in the construction of special machines and test stands as well as technical exhibits.

Christian Mühlbauer (MB) had the idea of ​​a sequential selector more than fifteen years ago.  but he always thought the effort would be too big.  With his own company came the idea to make a series out of it.  After a year of testing various prototypes in his own ACMA, the first serial parts for PX were completed in March 2017.  Immediately thereafter, he installed the first notch from this production, almost fresh from the oven, into the PX of a friend in order to present it on March 18 2017 in Austria for the first time.  The interest was very great, the opinions and suggestions varied.  After that, he decided to implement other ideas as well, so a Motorino Diavolo selector was transformed into a whole range of special parts for Vespa and Lambretta, which is gradually being expanded.